Maryland Half Marathon & 5K 2018

Superman himselft
Superman himselft

Superman Marcus

10 years. 130,000 miles. Endless impact.


Welcome to SUPERMAN (Matthew) Marcus Team Page

Who we are and why we're so passionate about this cause.

Dear Friends & Family,

We're participating in the 10th Annual Maryland Half Marathon & 5K Benefiting the University of Maryland Marlene & Stewart Greenebaum Cancer Center.  We would like to ask for your support in this very important effort.  

As you may know that Matthew L. Marcus, loving husband, father, son, & brother was first diagnosed September 2015 with DLBCL (Diffused Large B Cell Lymphoma) Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  Mackie or Bird as he's affectionately called, had and has a very aggressive sub type of this fast growing Blood Cancer.  Upon arriving at the Greenebaum Cancer Ctr to meet his 2nd opinion team, he was biopsied on the spot, and from there that team placed his care in the hands of some of the best Onocological Professionals that we could have prayed for.  As this diagnosis was a shock to us all, he vowed to fight, with everything that he had, and he did, never once looking back.  Starting with 6 months of very aggressive R-Chop Chemotherapy treatments, 2 times a week for at least 6 hours a day each, then onto 2 months of Photon Radiation Treatments for 5 days a week.  After enduring many scans, bone marrow extractions, and other methods to beat this horrible Blood Cancer.  Mackie was on the mend with a new lease on life, looking forward to seeing his only son graduate from high school in the Spring of 2016, and then starting college, which he did proudly.  While working a full time post at BWI as a fueler, he had to give up his successful Landscaping business that he created and manicured for years, to focus on his blessings and his family.

In early 2017, some discomfort reared it's head just not in the same area as before, so it was thought to be muscular, that was not the case.  A trip to the University of Maryland's ER proved that his Lymphoma had once again returned in the same area.  Once again, he was in the hands of the Greenebaum Cancer Center, only this time with a new Oncologist, wondering if he should seek treatment elsewhere.  Once he met his team, he and his family knew that they would stay without worry or doubts.  This time would be different, Mackie would endure months of RICE Chemotherapy, which is an even more aggressive treatment protocol than before, which required 3 rounds, 5 days of hospitalization then one day of follow up of Rituximab & Neulasta, He also learned that he would need a Autologous Stem Cell Transplant & Radiation as well.  He began what's called the Mobilization to Harvest his own Stem Cells rather than having to use a donor.  This pain staking arduous task takes a week of home injections followed by visiting the Cancer Center 5 days in a row to test him. Mackie soared through the process of extracting his Stem Cells through a process reminiscent of Dialysis for about a 7 hour day.  So Superman Marcus would now be ready to undergo his Transplant on October 11, 2017,  having to spend nearly a month in a locked treatment unit. 

 He had the best care that we could ask for, the nurses, the physicians, Case Managers, all were there to assist him and his family through this process.  This in no way marked the end of treatment for him, he'll now go onto Immuno-therapies for a period of 2 years under the same guidance and Oncology team that has been with him since June 2017.  As you can see every effort has been made to help to eradicate this  horrible disease under the knowledge, as well as new targeted therapies being discovered at this renowned Cancer Center.

We feel especially proud to participate in this effort to help fund further research, developments, and treatments of continued care at the University of Maryland's Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Ctr, which is a part of the NCI (National Cancer Institute).  Each year there are thousands of new Blood Cancer diagnosis and various other forms of Cancers that propel numerous patients and their families to make their way to this incredible Center.  

We were blessed to have a great team last year of loving runners/friends and their families to come out to participate & to share their time for Mackie, so this year we want an even greater, bigger team to push this fundraising effort over the top.  Matthew has been a blessing to so many and continue to be a great presence everywhere he goes, making a new friend or associate.  With his broad warm smile, and giant like stature people warm up to him so easily, as they can feel his incredibly kind spirit, and passion for life, his gregarious nature, and friendly demeanor who is always seeing the best in others.  This hard working family man is looking at his new lease on life with vigor and enthusiasm, so we ask that you join in this effort and help to carry Team Superman Marcus all the way.

Your help will make a difference! Please consider making a donation, whether your sponsoring a runner or walker on Team Superman Marcus or directly to the Greenebaum Cancer Center.

With love and heartfelt thanks 

Team Superman (Matthew) Marcus & Family





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