Fastest Team Competition

Spice up your individual half marathon experience, at no extra cost, by also being a part of a team of half marathon runners and join our NEW Fastest Team Competition! In addition to your individual entry into the half marathon, you can also create or join a team at no additional charge. Teams will consist of 3 or more individual runners in the half marathon and can be any combination of genders. Each runner on the team will race as an individual and be eligible for individual awards. The top 3 finishers on a team will have their individual times added together and scored for the team competition. A team award will be given out to overall fastest team!

What if I’ve already registered but now want to create a team?
Email for assistance.

Does my team have to consist of only Half Marathon participants to be considered for the Fastest Team Competition?
No, your team can also have 5K participants but only the times for the top 3 finishers of the half marathon will be considered for the competition.